Marquee Hire for Winter Events

Marquee hire for winter events can be a very different task to marquee hire in summer. Due to the adverse weather conditions, our marquee may need additional heating and flooring to ensure all of our guests remain comfortable throughout the event.

Why is Marquee Hire in Winter Different?

When people think of marquee hire, they tend to think of an open sided marquee on a nice summers day. Guests can come and go as they please and everyone remains comfortable through the day and night. The reality can be very different, particularly in winter.

When thinking about marquee hire, we need to think about the location in which we’re looking to erect our marquee. How solid is the flooring. If we’re erecting a marquee on solid ground, will anchors be required to keep the marquee in place? If we’re erecting the marquee on soft ground, will we need to account for additional flooring to ensure that the ground remains level? With winter weather so cold, we also need to think about the heating or the marquee, particularly for events that go on through the night. If snow is anticipated, we need to ensure that the marquee remains at a particular temperature so as to ensure snow does not settle on the roof space.

Marquees Direct for Winter Marquee Hire

If you’re feeling somewhat bemused by these additional factors that might not have sprung to mind from the outset, don’t worry, Marquees Direct are here to help. Our extensive online quotation systems means you can feed us all of the information we need to know. We’ll then be able to run through the logistical factors and give you accurate pricing for your events marquee hire, regardless of the season. Thanks to Marquees Direct, you can rest assured that your event will be a success, come rain or shine.

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