Marquee Hire For Long Term Events

Marquee hire is highly practical for a range of long term events featuring businesses and seasonal occasions.

Marquee Hire For Independent Businesses

Many town centres enjoy the tradition of European Christmas markets, where independent traders can supply passersby with delicious food treats, handcrafted decorations, personal accessories and more. Each trader can have their own ‘pop up’ store in the form of a marquee. Similarly during summer festivals, a range of marquee tents can be set up with fresh cooked food and merchandise to commemorate the event.

The size of these marquees tend to be quite small and compact, in order to accommodate as many small businesses as possible. It provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain experience in managing their own physical store and widening the market of people who could purchase their products.

Large Marquee Hire For Seasonal Events

Marquee hire or rental can be set up semi-permanently for organisations that have seasonal events which need hosting in the marquee long term. For example many extravagant and scenic grounds or period properties which are regular tourist attractions in the summer, can benefit from marquees being set up to provide shade, a comfortable outdoor seating area and light refreshments.

Or during the winter when corporate Christmas parties take place; large marquees with dining and entertainment areas can be set up in idyllic locations. Scores of multiple businesses can share a large multi-roomed marquee hire.

Marquees Direct are a leading provider of marquee hire/rental for short and long term events. Their prices for longer periods of use are unmatched by many other companies and furnishing of the marquee can also be arranged by them.

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