Marquee Dancefloor Hire

At Marquees Direct we offer the perfect Dancefloors for your Marquee or Venue Hire, we have a full range of Dancefloors in various options and sizes ,we can accommodate a small Dancefloor for as little as 10 people to huge Dancefloors for any Marquee and Venue Weddings or Marquee and Venue Corporate Events.

We fully re-condition our Dancefloor to keep the high standards our clients expect from Marquees Direct Ltd.

As well as providing Marquee Dancefloor Hire, Marquees Direct also provides Dancefloor Hire for venues and private residences, our friendly and courteous highly trained staff, will deliver and install your Dancefloor and return when your event is finished and collect the equipment. Please check out our web page for further information on Dance Floor Hire

Parquet Dancefloor

Parquet Dancefloor is a popular favorite, this Dancefloor is perfect for all types of Marquee and Venue Hire Events.

Black and White Dancefloor

Our Black and White Dancefloor is also very popular for Marquee and Venue Weddings black tie Events and parties and most themed Events.

White Dancefloor

This is an absolutely stunning Dancefloor, White Dancefloor has become very popular and really sets off Marquee and Venue Events perfectly.

Black Dancefloor

This sophisticated and elegant black Dancefloor is truly stunning and extravagant alternative for any Marquee and Venue Hire.

LED Dancefloor and Video Dancefloor

These state of the art high tech Dancefloors are spectacular very bespoke and really fun and will make any Marquee or Venue Event that something extra special.

LED White Dancefloor

This very special LED White Dancefloor with delicate led lights is really giving the WOW factor for your chosen Marquee or Venue Event.



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