Custom Interior Design For Marquees

One of the great aspects of choosing a marquee for a social event over a physical location is that you have more control over the décor. Usually in hired buildings; furniture, wall and floor design and overall layout have already been taken care off. All you can do is add extra decorations which can be easily removed at the end of the night. This usually limits you to no more than floral arrangements, balloons and banners.

With marquees however, you can customise every aspect of the location. This includes flooring, wall and ceiling linings, lighting, furniture, dance floor and more.

Marquees Direct Range Of Marquee Designs

We provide an extensive collection of customisable features for your marquee hire. The venue can be created just as you dreamt and quite possibly even better.

Starting with the basic elements, you can choose the flooring followed by linings for the walls and ceiling. For flooring, one of the most popular and cost effective choices is coconut matting. If you’re after more unique style, carpet is a truly customisable feature. Let it set the tone for your overall colour scheme.  We have 42 different colours to choose, from bold and bright colours to neutral or understated tones.

When it comes to linings, they are best suited for luxurious and grand parties. Unlined marquees feature just the PVC walls which is fine for some but not everyone. In the standard package of linings we offer ivory pleated linings with the coloured swags of your choice. Starlight roofs are also an option as well as more extravagant designs such as LED lit linings, flat linings, roof overlays, custom prints and more.

Accessories For Marquee Parties

Following on from this core design, we can source other materials to help your marquee party be a success. This includes dance floors, lighting, a bar and furniture. Each of which can also be uniquely themed.

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