Create The Ultimate Children’s Party Marquee This Summer

Children’s parties are fun and exciting for kids, as they can play a variety of games, laugh, jump, and run around with friends. Hire a party marquee and make your children’s party even more fun.

Play Games In A Party Marquee

There are plenty of games you can play in a party marquee, like Musical Chairs. To play Musical Chairs, you will need a CD player or some other means of playing music, a chair or cushion and some little prizes. Arrange the chairs or cushions around the party marquee and leave space for the children to dance. Two lines of chairs around the marquee work well, or you can scatter them randomly. Play the music and let the children dance. When the music stops, they must race to sit on a chair. The one child left standing is eliminated, and one chair is removed each round until there is only one chair and two children left.

The other fun game to play in a party marquee is a simple treasure hunt. Collect a number of little treasures and hide them around the marquee. You can use sweets, lollipops and toys. Gather the children together and give each child an indication of what sort of treasure they might find, then tell them where to start hunting. Have fun and play until they find all the treasures!

Hiring A Party Marquee

Hire a party marquee for children’s parties and choose from huge range of exciting interiors and themes. Whether it is a small party or a huge event, it is possible to accommodate everyone.

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