Choosing A Dance Floor For Your Party Marquee

What is a party without a dance floor? Any party is an excuse for you to dance the night away and enjoy the event. In your party marquee, whatever the celebration is you can get a dance floor that is suitable.

Different Types Of Dance Floors For Your Party Marquee

We have a large range of all different types of dance floors ranging from white and black floors, black and white combined, parquet, white LED, LED disco dance floor and even video dance floors.

A dance floor is vital equipment to have, especially when holding a wedding party marquee as the bride and groom can enjoy the space of the dance floor for their first dance. Your guests can then enjoy dancing afterwards and have the freedom to step outside for some fresh air; with the comfort of a portable heater. With our provided patio heaters, if you wish to have them, you can still stay warm when stepping away from the dance floor and party marquee.

Popular Choice For A Party Marquee Dance Floor

When selecting a dance floor for a party, and you know dancing will definitely be present, a white dance floor proves to be a popular choice. You can have lights at the top of your party marquee reflecting against the white dance floor, similar to a disco ball. However, if you wish to go with a disco feel, the LED dance floor is a better choice as you will have a large range of colours shining around the dance floor of your party marquee.

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