Choose From A Variety Of Themes For Your Summer Party Marquee

Summer is a party season. Warm weather, bright nights and time off for holidays encourage people to never let the celebrations end. Whatever party you have this sunny season; whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, christening or ball use a marquee as the venue and you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

Variety Of Themes For A Party Marquee

When hiring a party marquee from Marquees Direct you have a wide choice of different interiors, luxury themes, furnishings and bespoke lightening to choose from.

Choose a party marquee with a grand dance floor, disco ball and premier lighting to dance the night away to. If you want to make a dazzling impact, decorate your marquee with black and white star lights in the ceiling, an LED bar hire and LED dance floor to leave your guests stunned and eager to stay at the party for hours.

For exclusive or VIP occasions, a party marquee that is decorated with an air of mystery will be ideal. Have a walkway lead to the main entrance and have the interior linings be predominantly black, with twinkling lights to set the mood. Seating areas made up of plush couches and cushions can also be sourced for a great price.

For a summer wedding you can order a whitewashed marquee with fine and delicate furnishings, dining tables and grand dance floor for the couple’s first dance. Clear PVC windows can feature against one side of the marquee to flood the space with natural sunlight and provide a stunning view of your chosen location.

Celebrate With Marquees Direct

Whatever theme you choose for your party marquee, contact Marquees Direct to make your dream occasion a reality. We will share our innovative ideas and creative design with you, to help create an event you can be proud to host.

Contact us today for a quote on the various services and marquee sizes available.

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