Add Personal Touches To Your Wedding Marquee

A special occasion to celebrate, your wedding can become the perfect event if you add some personal touches to it to make it stand out. There are a lot of different ways to personalize it once you rent a wedding marquee. The options at your disposal are practically endless, but if you want to give your wedding a vintage look, try monograms.

Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee

Wedding marquees are versatile when it comes to decorations. You can create almost any theme there is inside of it! Most couples like to decorate the interior with something that they both like, whether it’s balloons because they met at a fair, or certain colours they both like, or maybe they are fans of the baroque style.

Monograms can be a great addition to decorations inside the marquee. The monograms or logos can be printed on name cards or put on any other interior surface for an extra personal touch. The monogram itself should of course match the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding marquee.

Personalized Wedding Marquee Decor

In order to reflect your personal tastes in the interior of your rented wedding marquee, use your monograms or your logos on napkins, incorporate it in the drapes or balloons, or have the tablecloths embroidered with it for an elegant touch-up.

There are many other ways to personalize a wedding marquee – you can have a bar inside of it, a dance floor, and all sorts of diverse lighting effects.

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