Party Marquee Hire For Christmas Celebrations

You can have all the lovely and wonderful features Christmas brings under one marquee.

Experience The Perfect Christmas Party With Marquee Hire

At Marquee Hire we have a wide range of lighting including Christmas fairy tree lights. You can have many Christmas trees around your marquee and create that warm cosy feel the winter and Christmas brings. It would be a lovely change from the traditional Christmas in your house.

With regards to having party marquee hire, you can select another location other than having your marquee in your back garden. As long as you get permission when selecting another venue, your party can go ahead.

Spend Your Christmas In a Marquee

There is not a need to worry about being warm in your marquee as we can provide heating. We can provide thermostatically controlled heating and this will keep you and all your party guests very warm and comfortable.

Depending on how many guests you intend on inviting, we can provide you with a big and small party marquee hire. Be proud when your guests do arrive and inspire them with marquee hire parties. We can provide you with bar hire and you can celebrate Christmas dancing away on one of our wonderful dance floors which you can choose from on our website.

Play traditional Christmas songs whilst eating your Christmas dinner underneath a sparkling fairy light sky. If you wish you can have an eccentric themed marquee with many different design options to choose from.

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Reliable Marquee Hire In London For Your Party

Host A Party In A Marquee

If you are looking to host the perfect party, look no further than Marquees Direct. We can provide you with party marquee to suit all occasions. Transform your marquee with our huge range of interiors, themed decor and bespoke interior and exterior lighting to create the perfect party feel. No matter the size of your space or number of invited guests, we have party marquee hire for you.

Ceiling drapes available in several colours, will transform the inside of your marquee into a Grecian palace. To create a starry night sky, we can add LED’s into the drapes for a magical effect. Create a luxury party space with up lighting or chandeliers, or use our LED pinspots to create an instant colour changing dance floor for your guests to dance the night away.

London Marquee Hire

With marquee hire from Marquees Direct, you will not only get a stunning party space, but the option of bar hire, dance floors, heating, furniture and lighting.  Located in Ascot, Berkshire we are ideally located for the provision of party marquee hire in London. Specialising in bespoke marquee hire, we will guarantee to help you design a unique and luxury party space. We provide year round marquee hire tailored to your individual needs, with current cliental including Hampton Court Palace, Olympia and Kew Gardens. At Marquees Direct we guarantee you provide you with the highest quality range of marquee equipment to hire, priding ourselves on providing you with innovative design ideas for your party tent.

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Outdoor Events At A Landmark Site With Marquee Hire Berkshire

Trying to choose a wedding venue can get very complicated. Most of the spots are already booked, while others might be out of your budget range… Why not try marquee hire Berkshire? With absolute marquee mobility you can have a one-of-a-kind wedding or any other fantastic event held at a landmark site in Berkshire!

Marquee Hire Berkshire For Outside Events

Struggling to find a venue for an important upcoming event? With marquee hire Berkshire you can organize your event in a gorgeous park, such as at Forbury Gardens. There is lots of space for any number of guests, and you only need to obtain a permit for the event. Enjoy a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion under the stars or in the sun, in a wonderful park with marquee hire Berkshire. You can even come up with a theme for the event, and decorate the marquee accordingly!

Weddings In Parks With Marquee Hire Berkshire

For an extra gorgeous wedding you should check out marquee hire Berkshire and rent a wonderful wedding marquee. When it comes to decoration, marquees are very versatile – you can customize each and every interior element of it, including the flooring, and the ceiling lighting!

A wedding marquee would make the perfect venue when situated in a gorgeous park, such as the Wokefield Park in the heart of the Berkshire countryside. Fabulous for intimate events as well as large weddings, the park has ample space for marquees.

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Choosing A Dance Floor For Your Party Marquee

What is a party without a dance floor? Any party is an excuse for you to dance the night away and enjoy the event. In your party marquee, whatever the celebration is you can get a dance floor that is suitable.

Different Types Of Dance Floors For Your Party Marquee

We have a large range of all different types of dance floors ranging from white and black floors, black and white combined, parquet, white LED, LED disco dance floor and even video dance floors.

A dance floor is vital equipment to have, especially when holding a wedding party marquee as the bride and groom can enjoy the space of the dance floor for their first dance. Your guests can then enjoy dancing afterwards and have the freedom to step outside for some fresh air; with the comfort of a portable heater. With our provided patio heaters, if you wish to have them, you can still stay warm when stepping away from the dance floor and party marquee.

Popular Choice For A Party Marquee Dance Floor

When selecting a dance floor for a party, and you know dancing will definitely be present, a white dance floor proves to be a popular choice. You can have lights at the top of your party marquee reflecting against the white dance floor, similar to a disco ball. However, if you wish to go with a disco feel, the LED dance floor is a better choice as you will have a large range of colours shining around the dance floor of your party marquee.

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Add Personal Touches To Your Wedding Marquee

A special occasion to celebrate, your wedding can become the perfect event if you add some personal touches to it to make it stand out. There are a lot of different ways to personalize it once you rent a wedding marquee. The options at your disposal are practically endless, but if you want to give your wedding a vintage look, try monograms.

Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee

Wedding marquees are versatile when it comes to decorations. You can create almost any theme there is inside of it! Most couples like to decorate the interior with something that they both like, whether it’s balloons because they met at a fair, or certain colours they both like, or maybe they are fans of the baroque style.

Monograms can be a great addition to decorations inside the marquee. The monograms or logos can be printed on name cards or put on any other interior surface for an extra personal touch. The monogram itself should of course match the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding marquee.

Personalized Wedding Marquee Decor

In order to reflect your personal tastes in the interior of your rented wedding marquee, use your monograms or your logos on napkins, incorporate it in the drapes or balloons, or have the tablecloths embroidered with it for an elegant touch-up.

There are many other ways to personalize a wedding marquee – you can have a bar inside of it, a dance floor, and all sorts of diverse lighting effects.

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