Eventful Marquee Hire London

Marquees Hire For Events In London

Marquee hire London provides services for all events; including weddings, events for the corporate sector, hospitality, trade shows and exhibitions, luxury and themed events, parties, anniversaries and any other occasion. These marquees can be set up in practically any location, giving you the freedom to select your favourite spot almost anywhere in the England. As long as you have acquired the required permission, we can arrange the right marquee and additional features to make your event venue more comfortable, stylish and memorable.

Our marquees and other hire equipment are of a very high standard, available at competitive prices. We have fantastic testimonials from previous satisfied customers and our aim is to continue satisfying our customers and forming long term partnerships for anyone who requires a marquee. We are a trusted marquee hire company that is well established throughout London and other surrounding counties.

Marquees Direct: A Reliable Company

What makes Marquees Direct different from many other marquee hire companies is our commitment to being a one stop shop for all your venue needs. Alongside setting up a marquee, we can also include custom interior linings, flooring, dance floors, heating, bars, staging, marquee theming, lighting effects and much more.

With over 13 years experience, a regularly open Ascot sales office and an out of office emergency line; we have made ourselves readily available for all customers and consequently have grown to be one of the most successful and trusted, quality marquee hirers.

We have a high profile customer base for marquee hire, providing Marquees for Windsor Castle, Royal Ascot Race Course, and Smiths Lawn Polo Events to name but a few.

To know more about our marquee hire services please call 01344 876122 or email info@marqueesdirect.co.uk

How Much Does It Cost For Wedding Marquee Hire?

With over 13 years experience providing 100s of beautifully designed wedding marquees we, Marquees Direct, are confident that we can provide you with the ideal solution for your special day.

Choose Wedding Marquees For A Fairytale Venue

All the wedding marquee hire services with us feature free standing frame structures without centre poles or guy ropes and are supplied with plain white walls and roofs. An ideal complementary colour to the bride and groom’s attire. They are flexible enough to feature personalised design features and can be made available for more than one day if you fancy extending your wedding celebrations across a weekend for example.

Booking and Paying For Wedding Marquee Hire

To make a booking we require a 25% deposit and the completion of our booking form. Bookings are completed on a first come first served basis so as soon as your location and date is set, waste no more time in securing our wedding marquee hire services. The remaining balance can be paid any date up to the set up date for your marquee.

Also while booking you should provide us with details about the site level – whether it is grass or hard-standing; if there are any shrubs, bushes or trees that could cause an obstruction for the marquees; if the marquee is to be erected against a building; the specific distance the equipment needs to be carried from our vehicle to the set-up point and other required information detailed in the form.

To know more about wedding marquees or us, call Marquee Hire at  01344 876122 or email info@marqueesdirect.co.uk

Marquee Hire London For The Perfect Event

Do you have a wedding reception to organise?

Want to make your son or daughter’s 18th birthday special?

Trying to create a big trade show for up and coming entrepreneurs?

Are you looking to create a fun and relaxed event for all your hard working employees?

No matter what your reason may be for creating a fantastic event, let it be set in a highly versatile marquee hire London.

Marquees You Can Count On For Your Events In London

From small scale gatherings to hundreds of thousands of attendees, marquee hire London will enable to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. With a range of unique designs and extra features to include, you can create a most memorable location.

You can choose to have your marquee event almost anywhere in London. Marquees have a great ability to be set up on almost any kind of grass or solid ground. All you need is permission from the owners of the land and your event location is set.

Additional Hire Features From Marquees Direct

On top of arranging the right kind of marquee hire for your event, we also work on creating that perfect dance floor for any number of people with any kind of theme you might want.

We can also source:

  • Eccentric lighting features to create the right ambience
  • Interior linings in a range of styles that can transform a plain white PVC marquee into a whole new world
  • Mobile bars in different designs to keep your guests refreshed throughout the event
  • Custom furniture for dining or general seating
  • Heating systems so your guests can stay comfortable all night

To know more about marquee hire from Marquees Direct, please call 01344 876122 or email info@marqueesdirect.co.uk


Marquees Direct Top Themed Marquees

One of the greatest aspects of our marquee hire which keeps customers amazed is the unique and professionally designed interiors of our marquees. You can transport your guest to a brand new world with the right themed marquee. Wall and ceiling linings and lighting and furniture all play integral roles in decorating a plain white marquee.

Popular Themed Marquees

Below are some of our most popular marquee hire designs, suitable for a range of events.

  • Have an inspired Arabian night with an Arabian style design. Deep red and golden colours are most commonly used, creating a warm and intimate environment. We have created special dining areas with low tables and cube chairs for a unique dining experience.
  • Jasmine theme is a delicate and traditional English design which puts guests into an elegant location.  Soft ivory colours allows the bright light of the day to gently seep into the marquee, creating a beautiful ambience. Pastel floral arrangements also complement this design well.
  • Clear PVC marquees are ideal for spring and summer when the weather is clear and you can appreciate the beautiful scenery. This creates an open and more pleasant marquee environment.

Marquee Themed Accessories

If you already have some theme ideas of your own, we can easily customise each aspect of your marquee hire design to reflect what you have in mind. The wall and ceiling linings, flooring, lighting, dance floor, furniture, heating and bar can all be taken of through us.

Each with its own selection of varied designs which when combined create a beautiful ensemble and overall interior design.

To make an enquiry on the themes you can create for your marquee event, contact us today by calling 01344 876122 or email: info@marqueehire.com

Marquee Hire For Long Term Events

Marquee hire is highly practical for a range of long term events featuring businesses and seasonal occasions.

Marquee Hire For Independent Businesses

Many town centres enjoy the tradition of European Christmas markets, where independent traders can supply passersby with delicious food treats, handcrafted decorations, personal accessories and more. Each trader can have their own ‘pop up’ store in the form of a marquee. Similarly during summer festivals, a range of marquee tents can be set up with fresh cooked food and merchandise to commemorate the event.

The size of these marquees tend to be quite small and compact, in order to accommodate as many small businesses as possible. It provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain experience in managing their own physical store and widening the market of people who could purchase their products.

Large Marquee Hire For Seasonal Events

Marquee hire or rental can be set up semi-permanently for organisations that have seasonal events which need hosting in the marquee long term. For example many extravagant and scenic grounds or period properties which are regular tourist attractions in the summer, can benefit from marquees being set up to provide shade, a comfortable outdoor seating area and light refreshments.

Or during the winter when corporate Christmas parties take place; large marquees with dining and entertainment areas can be set up in idyllic locations. Scores of multiple businesses can share a large multi-roomed marquee hire.

Marquees Direct are a leading provider of marquee hire/rental for short and long term events. Their prices for longer periods of use are unmatched by many other companies and furnishing of the marquee can also be arranged by them.

To make an enquiry on marquee rental, please call 01344 876122 or email info@marqueehire.com


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