Accessory Options For Party Marquee Hire

When it comes to party marquee hire, all the hard work in decorating it does not have to fall on you. Marquees Direct are leading marquee hire providers and specialise in offering bespoke, personalised marquees. You can dictate even the finest details on how you want your party marquee to be, from the length and width of the venue to the flooring and walls, lighting, furniture, entertainment facilities and more.

Entertainment In Your Party Marquee

The most common form of entertainment in parties is a DJ, playing hit after hit of the crowd’s favourite songs. While you take care of the DJ, we can help supply a location for all your guests to bust a move. The dance floor is the epicentre of a good party and you need to make sure it’s clearly on display, enticing for people to go towards and large enough to fit everyone. All the dance floors we source for our marquees are CE approved, come with safety edging and are available in a range of styles. From classic parquet to black and white or more extravagant LED and video dance floors. Alternatively, you may require staging for a live band or performers.

Accessories For The Marquee

Other great features of a top quality party marquee are a bar, a seating area, beautiful lighting and unique interior design. Select a theme or colour scheme and be inspired by some of our most popular party marquee designs on the website. They feature lounge chairs, tables, mood lighting, chandeliers, colourful wall and ceiling linings, beaded curtains to separate areas within the marquee and plenty more.

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Marquee Hire Prices in London

Marquees Direct is a leading marquee hire company based in Ascot, that operate primarily in the following regions during their peak season (1st June to 15th September):

  • Berkshire
  • Hampshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • London
  • Surrey
  • Oxfordshire
  • Sussex
  • Middlesex

During off peak season however, any area in England can benefit from their services; subject to transport costs.

Marquees are an innovative, fashionable and flexible venue for a range of social events like parties, festivals, weddings and more. Marquees Direct are renowned in Berkshire for a range of factors such as their customer service, high quality marquees and furnishings and their marquee hire prices.

Calculating Prices For Your Marquee Hire

Marquee hire prices are calculated accurately and based on elements such as varying marquee sizes, furnishings and additional services. With regard to width, Marquees Direct provides marquees either 3m, 6m, 9 m or 12m wide. Following on from this you can choose a specific length which in turn will dictate how much you will spend. So customers can benefit paying for just exactly what they require and not generic small, medium and large sized marquees which may result in them paying a distorted price for a marquee hire that is not the adequate and necessary size for their function.

Once your marquee size has been determined, you can decide what initial custom features you would like, such as roof and/or wall linings, star lights and wooden or carpet flooring. On the Marquee hire prices page, for additional guidance on what size marquee you require you can see how many guests can be seated or standing in each size. Further allowing you to order only exactly what you need, never too much or too little.

The more details you provide concerning your marquee hire, the more accurate your quote will be. To confirm your booking a 25% deposit needs to be paid. Following this you may pay the final balance by no later than the set up day for your marquee. So the earlier you book the event, the longer you have to spread out the cost if you prefer to not pay everything within a short space of time.

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Locations for Marquee Hire London

Marquees You Can Count On For Your Events In London

If you are looking for marquees for weddings, corporate events, hospitality, trade shows and exhibitions, luxury and themed events, parties and anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs and any other occasion you may require, Marquees Direct is here to provide that excellent Marquee Hire London and related services in your area.

Now, this could be set up in any locations you prefer. It can be your favourite pub or restaurant, stadium grounds, your garden, riverside or the beachside; just about anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it is even under the falling snow or leaves in autumn, as long as you can get the required permission we will set up a marquee ready for your awaited event and make sure that we turn it into a remarkable and stylish event location.

Additional Hire Features Of Marquees Direct

On top of arranging the right kind of marquee hire London for your event, we also work on creating that perfect dance floor for any number of people with any kind of theme you might want. The company also works on eccentric lighting ambiences, because lighting is everything. In some cases it can even make or break it. Therefore there is a range of lighting options from classic marquee chandeliers to space and retro themed ones. Also, considering London can be a cold place in the autumn and winter, we have heating systems to keep your guests warm all day long.

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Marquee Hire Berkshire, Why Choose Marquees Direct?

Marquees Direct based in Ascot, Berkshire have an excellent reputation for providing quality Marquee Hire for all occasions. The company specialises in constructing marquees for weddings, events for the corporate sector, trade shows and exhibitions, luxury and themed events, parties and anniversaries, Bar mitzvahs and any other occasion you may require. The company can provide excellent Marquee Hire Berkshire and other essential related services in Berkshire and other local areas.

Marquees Direct Leaders In Berkshire Marquee Hire

With over 20 years of experience, operating in our permanent open all year round, Marquees Direct has grown to be one of the most reliable, successful, trustworthy and high quality marquee hirers in the county. They put the customer first and take into account all your input in order to create the ideal venue site for your event. A range of services are available in order to customise the look of your marquee. This can include clear PVC, Georgian window walls, interior lining, ivory starlight roods, black starlight roofs, flooring, dance floors, patio doors and more.

Many of their previous customers have been high profile and made them their first port of call for Marquee Hire Berkshire. They include Windsor Castle, Royal Ascot Race Course, and Smiths Lawn Polo Events to name a few.

Contact Marquees Direct

Marquees Direct maintain a quality portfolio of clients and services, with the intention of continuing to raise standards and quality of service in order to continue increasing the success of both customers’ events and Marquees Direct.

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Party Marquee Hire Made Easy

When You’re Throwing A Big Party, You Need A Marquee

Marquees Direct provides the perfect party marquee hire tents for any occasion, be it for a birthday party, Christmas party, Halloween party, Funky House Party, Disco Party, Wedding Reception, Festival, Corporate Party and more; we have the right marquees for you.

From trendsetting interiors to luxury theme effects and bespoke interior and exterior lighting, we are accustomed to the etiquettes required in any design. From a small little children’s party to a party involving hundreds, the event can be organised in the personalised style you would prefer.

All our marquees come in different sizes, from 3m (10ft) wide to 18m (60ft) wide and they can be arranged in multiple layouts, not just the conventional square or rectangle shape. To make your party a truly one of a kind experience, have a one of a kind marquee design.

How You Can Hire A Marquee From Marquees Direct

Marquees come in different shapes, different colours and different patterns. They can be used in any event, indoor or outdoor. They are also used in almost all weather conditions. So any place, any time; Marquees Direct has the perfect marquee hire for you. At the time of booking just let us know what your requirements are and how you want your marquee to be and we will make all the changes and craft the marquee to meet your ideals. We can simultaneously arrange dance floors, lighting, heating and furniture to make your event comfortable and memorable.

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