What Should You Know Before Hiring Your Marquees?

Many people think that hiring a marquee is a very simple task and that it takes just a single phone call to have the marquee installed for the party. Yes, of course it will be a simple task provided you have all the basic information for hiring your marquee. Before you call your marquee hire Berkshire company, try to have as much information as possible regarding your requirements. In other words, you should be clear about your own Berkshire marquee hire requirements.

First of all you should know where to go when you want marquees installed or which marquee hire company to choose. First ensure that you are dealing with an experienced and reputed Berkshire marquee hire company. There are many Berkshire marquee hire companies but not all of them offer the same level of services as Marquees Direct. When you choose the right company, most of the hassles will be taken care.

When you call your marquee hire company to get your quote, you should know what exactly you need. Only when you give them adequate information, your marquee hire company will be able to give you accurate quote. Firstly, you should know the number of people you would want to accommodate in your marquee. The marquee rental costs will obviously vary depending on the size. So have approximate figures ready at hand when you are asking for your quote.

Many other things go with your marquee and it is just not a tent for your party. You need to tell your marquee hire company what type of flooring you will need for your marquee. There are many flooring options and it is best to check with your marquee hire Berkshire company for the flooring options. You will have options to choose between wooden flooring, coconut matting, etc. Marquee linings too should be chosen and the choice of your marquee linings will have its impact on the quote. There are series of other factors such as marquee lighting, marquee furniture for the seating arrangement, marquee heating equipment and other marquee paraphernalia.

Some people do find it overwhelming when they realize that there are so many factors to be decided for marquee installation. Don’t worry, when you approach an experienced company like Marquees Direct, you will be able to have all your requirements met in the easiest way possible. You will get professional guidance on making the right choices.

Besides knowing your requirements clearly, it is also important that you are also clear of your budget. This will help you narrow down your selections. You can also discuss with your marquee hire company your budget so that they can provide you with suitable solutions that are worked around your budget. Working with a flexible marquee hire company will help you a great deal in terms of having your requirements met and at the same time, marquee hire solutions that fit your budget. Paying attention to these basics will help you get through the marquee hire process smoothly.

Factors That Control The Marquee Hire Costs

Many of us that toy with the idea of hiring marquees for their wedding or for their other celebrations are always anxious about the cost factor. As hiring marquees is not something that people do on regular basis, they do not know how marquee hire services are priced and the list of factors that control the marquee hire rates. Before renting your marquee it is always good to familiarise yourself with such things. Here are some of the most common factors that will affect your marquee hire costs.

As you can easily guess, the first controlling factor is the size of the marquee. If you want to accommodate a huge crowd then you will have to rent a good sized marquee which of course will be advised by your marquee hire Berkshire company. You can check with your marquee hire company on their standard packages and the number of people each package can accommodate.

The next factor that controls your marquee hire costs is the duration for which you would like to hire your marquees. People’s requirements in this regard vary and the prices indicated would often be for one to two days. If you need to rent your marquee for longer periods, then it is best to mention it to your marquee hire company and get a customised quote. For longer durations, you might get rebated prices for additional days, do make sure to check for special prices for hiring marquees for longer durations and you will certainly not regret being proactive in this regard.

The next important factor is the additional equipment and accessories. You will need seating arrangements to be made within your marquee and you need to rent seating equipment. Here again the cost will depend on the number of guests that you would like to seat. You should also take into account the lighting arrangements, heating or cooling systems depending on the season. Many people forget such needs until last moment and end up in frustration at the last moment. So do plan carefully and take your time to list all the needs that go with your marquee.

The exact venue in which the marquee needs to be installed will also be a deciding factor on the marquee hire Berkshire costs. This is mainly because of the transportation expenses involved to deliver and to install the marquee and the allied arrangements. You might also like to know how various flooring options affect your marquee hire costs by asking for various options available with your marquee hire company.

As you can easily see that there are numerous factors that affect the cost of marquee hire prices, you will have to get a detailed quote from your service provider and review how you can modify your requirements to get the costs within your budget. It is best not to proceed before you have received a written quotation from your marquee hire company. This will certainly avoid unnecessary confusions at a later stage.


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