Marquee Hire Decoration

At Marquee Direct Ascot Berkshire, we can offer the ultimate opulence in Marquee decoration and interior hire. Marquees Direct can offer from the traditional Marquee décor hire, to the simple contemporary styles and the truly opulent luxury Marquee theming.

One of our most popular Marquee Hire decoration interiors is our Starlight LED Lining Roofs, which are available in black and ivory. These beautiful twinkling Marquee lights will really set off your Marquee Hire.

One of the most popular and extravagant Marquee Hire decoration interiors we offer is the Arabian Theme. The rich vibrant saffron colour really does produce a dramatic impact with your Marquee Hire.


One of the most effective and simplest ways to transform your Marquee is to use a glitter ball with LED Pinspots.  This really is the most cost effective simple and dramatic Marquee Hire decoration, Marquees Direct  Ascot, Berkshire offers.

For a really ornate and breath taking Marquee Hire decoration, Marquees Direct has created striking affects with LED colour changing remote control lanterns. The colour spheres create an interesting decoration to set off your Marquee Hire by day and by night create a magical indulgent feel. For some truly amazing ideas and inspiration. Please see our internal gallery

For a unique Marquee Hire decoration, Marquees Direct offers various theming using fairy lights. We can dress your Marquee in a fairy light canopy, or create a stunning Marquee fairy light wave, and lastly we offer a beautiful Marquee fairy light curtain. Marquees Direct provides fairy lights in various colours from warm to bright whites, to pink, blue and purple. We have an expert sales team available that can guide you through and offer expert advice with all your Marquee Hire decoration needs.

Fairy Light Canopy

Fairy Light Wave

Fairy Light Curtain





Selecting The Right Party Marquees

Are you preparing for a party and searching for brilliant ideas for your party venue? One of the easiest ways of creating excellent party venue is hiring party marquees. You will just need to contact your marquee hire Berkshire company and share your requirements with them. You will have plenty of options for your party marquee. You can select the size of your marquee depending on the number of guests you are inviting. You will be able to get highly customized party marquees. For example if you are holding just a small birthday party with few friends and your family, then you don’t need a huge big marquee but you will be able to find marquees that just suitable for accommodating 10 people. You should not have any problems as to finding the right sized party marquee to suit your specific requirements.
One of the advantages of using a party marquee is that you will be able to create the most perfect environment for your party. You can choose from a wide range of interior to match your party theme. You just need to work with your marquee hire company to get the interior of your choice. You will be able to get excellent customisation options.
The most important aspect of choosing your party marquee is the lighting. With appropriate interior lighting you can create just about any effect you require within your party. Whether you are looking for a jazzy disco feel or a gentle romantic feel, you will be able to create the required feel using the right kind of lighting. If you choose an experienced marquee hire Berkshire company like Marquees Direct your requirements will be easily understood and implemented without any hassle.
You should also take into account your budget for the party marquee. You can choose your party marquees and the additional features for your marquee based on your budget. Experienced marquee hire companies will be able to put together a party marquee that meets all your requirements within your budget. If you have a limited budget then you can cut down on unnecessary bells and whistles and keep to the basics.
You will be able to impress your guests greatly by choosing the right party marquee from a reputed marquee hire company. Party marquees can convert even an ordinary place into an excellent party venue. You need to give your guests the right environment to enjoy your party because party venue plays a great role in setting the mood for your party. You should therefore spend a considerable amount of time for putting together the best party venue before you make all the other arrangements. Think through the arrangements carefully and pick the right seating arrangements for your marquee and appropriate flooring based on your party needs. Check with your marquee hire company on all the options available to you so that you can make the right choices. It is important not to wait until last moment to contact your marquee hire company.

Party Marquee Hire

With the Party season fast approaching at Marquees Direct Ltd, you can hire the perfect Marquee or Marquees for your event.

Whether you need a Marquee for a Halloween Marquee Party, Christmas Marquee Party, New Years Eve Marquee Party, Birthday Marquee Party, Winter Wedding Marquee Party, Corporate Marquee Party or just having a Party we have a full range of Marquees, Marquee Interiors, Marquee Furniture, Marquee Dancefloor, Marquee Heating, and Marquee bespoke lighting products that are the highest quality and we will deliver a service to you that is second to none.

At Marquees Direct we provide Marquees in different sizes to accommodate our customers’ needs and requirements, from 3m (10ft) wide to 18m (60ft) wide we can provide marquees for small gardens to huge corporate marquee events.

Please check out our Party Marquee Page and our internal gallery where you can view some fantastic pictures and get some great ideas for your own Party Marquee Hire.

At Marquees Direct our helpful friendly sales team can help you create the perfect Marquee Hire, we can offer helpful suggestions and advice to help you create the perfect Party Marquee.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, our Ascot Berkshire Sales office is open Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm our telephone number is 01344 – 876122 or alternatively email us at
In the winter we provide Marquee Hire all over the UK and the rest of the year we provide Marquee Hire in Berkshire, and all local surrounding Counties including Surrey and Hampshire.



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