Themed Marquee For Your Wedding

Are you in the process of finding a good wedding marquee hire company? Renting a marquee for your wedding is indeed a wise move as it will create a cosy and comfortable space for your guests. You also need not have to worry about the unpredictable weather conditions because your wedding marquee will give perfect shelter for your guests. You can go one step further and consider renting themed marquees for your wedding. This will certainly spice up your wedding celebrations further.
Are you wondering what a themed marquee is? When marquees are constructed in special styles according to a specific theme then it is a themed marquee. Here the colours used, the type of flooring used, the choice of marquee furniture selected, etc., will reflect a definitive theme. Experienced marquee hire companies are good at coming up with excellent themed marquees. When you are hiring your marquees you can either go with one of the themed marquee packages that your service provider may already have or you can also suggest your own themes to your marquee hire Berkshire company.
However, there are number of advantages in choosing a themed marquee package that is already available in the portfolio of your Berkshire marquee hire company. You will be able to see the photos of such themed marquees and decide whether it will suit your needs and how exactly a particular theme will look. If you want to put up your own theme, then you have no way of knowing in advance how the marquee will look when it is fully constructed. Here again, the experience of your marquee hire company will play a great role in giving you practical advice and suggestions on what will work and what will not in terms of putting up a custom, themed marquee.
Added to that, when you go for an existing theme with your service provider your service provider will have the prices ready which will help you make your decisions fast. This will help you greatly in terms of budgeting your event. Your marquee hire company will of course be able to give you a quote before you proceed with a custom theme but your quote will not be ready instantly. This is mainly because your marquee hire Berkshire company needs time to calculate the costs involved in putting up a custom marquee and the expenses they need to incur. Whether you choose one of the existing marquee themes or custom marquee themes, you will be able to impress your guests by going for themed marquees rather than installing marquees without any specific themes.
Give your marquee hire company enough time for the construction of your marquee so that they will be able to give you their best. If you try to install your marquee in the last minute, it will limit the overall effect in a number of ways. Marquee hire companies with vast experience will be able to do a good job even with last minute installations.

Marquee Hire – Keeping Your Costs Low

Using marquees for your celebrations will provide a comfortable shelter for all the guests at the party. You can find marquees in varied sizes and shapes to suit your requirements. The over all cost involved in installing your marquee will of course depend on your specific requirements, the nature and size of the marquees you need. Many factors need to be taken into account while calculating your overall marquee hire rates. Your marquee will not be complete if you only install a tent there are several other factors that are essential to make it into a usable party venue.


Here are few important factors that make your marquees complete and factors contribute to the overall marquee expenses. First you need to decide on the size of the marquee and this is one of the important factors that affect the cost. You should be able to accommodate your guests comfortably within the marquee. You should also plan your event carefully before approaching your marquee hire Berkshire service provider. Depending on how you would like to use the marquee, you may have to choose the right type of flooring, dance floor, stage for the speakers or for the band, catering furniture and seating furniture and the like. When you approach an experienced marquee hire Berkshire company, they will provide you with wide range of options under every category mentioned above. The best way to keep your costs low while hiring your marquee is to play around with these options. For example you can choose to go with coconut coir flooring rather than choosing wooden flooring to cut costs. The cost will also vary depending on the choice of furniture you would like to rent for your marquee. First find out all the options you have from your marquee hire company along with the costs. Then set a budget for your marquee hire expenses. Try to pick and choose various aspects such as marquee furniture, marquee flooring lighting, floors, decorations etc., in such a way everything fits within your budget. You can also discuss your budget with your marquee hire company and check with them what they can do within your budget. They will be able to provide you with the best options available for your budget provided you are dealing with a reliable and reputed marquee hire Berkshire company.


It is best not to wait until the last moment to book your marquee for the special occasion because you will have very little options to consider your options and find the most cost effective marquee hire solutions. If you give yourself enough time you will also be able to compare costs between various service providers. Comparison shopping is yet another powerful way to keep your expenses low while hiring your marquee. It is however important that you do not end up with an unreliable service provider in an effort to keep your costs low. The challenge here is to find a marquee hire company that provides unmatched services at the most economical prices.


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